Back With The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
We are pleased to announce that David Pajo is performing with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! He toured with them from 2009-10 and is back again for 2013. As he did previously, he will be playing bass, keyboards, and acoustic guitar as a touring band member. Please visit the Yeah Yeah Yeahs website for tour information. And be sure and check out one of the shows!

The Greatest T-shirt In The World
Get your official Slint t-shirts at and own a piece of history!

Spiderland, The Book
We are pleased to announce (remind?) that 33 1/3 Publishing have released a book about Spiderland, written by Scott Tennent. This is a well-researched history of everything related to Slint, it's members, and the bands that grew out of that scene. No fan of Slint or Louisville music should be without it! Check it out here: SPIDERLAND by Scott Tennent

Love The Man
Feel free to listen and purchase Pajo and Papa M songs at the usual online music vendors. But don't forget to dip into the Blazebirth Record store for things that can't be found anywhere else! In addition, your dollars go directly to the artists involved and not some putz that doesn't give a rat's ass about the music. Check out

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