P A J O Scream With Me - 2009
1. Angelfuck 2. Hybrid Moments 3. Where Eagles Dare 4. Bullet 5. Teenagers from Mars 6. Devil's Whorehouse 7. I Turned Into a Martian 8. Horror Business 9. Attitude

Black Tent Press BTP002
P A J O 1968 - 2006
1. Who's That Knocking 2. Foolish King 3. We Get Along, Mostly 4. Prescription Blues 5. Insomnia Song 6. Wrong Turn 7. Cyclone Eye 8. Walk Through the Dark 9. Let it Be Me 10. I've Just Restored My Will To Live Again

US CD Drag City, DC315
UK CD Domino, W---
P A J O - 2005
1. Oh No No 2. High Lonesome Moan 3. Ten More Days 4. Manson Twins 5. War Is Dead 6. Baby Please Come Home 7. Icicles 8. Mary Of The Wild Moor 9. Let Me Bleed 10. Francie

US CD Drag City, DC289
UK CD Domino, WIGCD159
PAPA M Hole of Burning Alms - 2004
1. Safeless 2. Napoleon 3. Vol de Nuit 4. Wedding Song No.3
5. Mountains Have Ears 6. Vivea 7. Last Caress 8. Travels in Constants
9. Up North Kids No.2 10. She Said Yes 11. Turn Turn Turn 12. XMAS 1997

US CD/2XLP Drag City, DC231
UK CD/2XLP Domino, WIGCD143
PAPA M Whatever, Mortal - 2001
1. Over Jordan 2. Beloved Woman 3. Roses in the Snow 4. Sorrow Reigns 5. Krusty 6. The Lass of Roch Royal 7. Many Splendored Thing 8. Glad You're Here With Me 9. Tamu 10. Sabotage 11. Purple Eyelid 12. The Unquiet Grave 13. Northwest Passage

US CD/2XLP Drag City, DC194
UK CD/2XLP Domino, WIGCD103
PAPA M Live from a Shark Cage - 1999
1. Arundel 2. Roadrunner 3. Pink Holler 4. Plastic Energy Man
5. Drunken Spree 6. Bups 7. Crowd Of One 8. I Am Not Lonely With Cricket
9. Knocking The Casket 10. Up North Kids 11. Arundel

US CD/2XLP Drag City, DC170
UK CD/2XLP Domino, WIG71
AERIAL M Post Global Music - 1999
1. Wedding 3 Remix (Flacco) 2. Wedding Song Remix (Tied & Tickled Trio)
3. Wedding Song No. 3 Remix (DJ Your Food)
4. Attention Span Deficit Disruption... (Bundy K Brown)

US CD/LP Drag City, DC158
UK CD/LP Domino, WIGCD63
AERIAL M - 1997
1. Dazed and Awake 2. AASS 3. Wedding Song No. 2 4. Rachmaninoff
5. Skrag Theme 6. Compassion for M 7. Always Farewell

US CD/LP Drag City, DC114
UK CD/LP Domino, WIG37
PAJO / AUDREY split CD - 2006
1. It's You That Burns
2. Celebrity Death

CD/EP Stereo Test Kit Records, STK CD014
PAPA M Six - 2004
1. The trees do grow so high 2. Lovely Room
3. Foreign Hotel Garden

US CD/EP Drag City Records, DC259 CD
PAPA M & Christina Rosenvinge Five - 2004
1. Petals Weep 2. Nickel Song

US CD/EP Drag City Records, DC258 CD
PAPA M Four - 2003
1. Long May You Burn 2. Red Curtains 3. Local Boy Makes Good

US CD/EP Drag City Records, DC247 CD
PAPA M Three - 2003
1. Wild Mountain Thyme 2. Truckstop Girl 3. Who Knows

US CD/EP Drag City Records, DC243 CD
PAPA M Two - 2003
1. Black is the Color 2. Mary was the Kind 3. World’s Greatest Sin

US CD/EP Drag City Records, DC242 CD
PAPA M One - 2003 - OUT OF PRINT
1. Flashlight Tornado 2. Beloved Woman 3. I Am The Light

US CD/EP Drag City Records, DC241 CD
Side One by Entrance ("See For Yourself"),
Side Two by Papa M ("Orange World")

US 7 " Single, Tigerstyle Records, TS-041
PAPA M Three Songs - 2002
1. Rainbow of Gloom 2. O Kentucky
3. Lo The Rose Cease To Bloom

US 3" CD/EP Drag City Records, DC222 CD
PAPA M Songs of Mac - 2002
1. So Warped 2. The Person and the Skeleton

US CD Western Vinyl Records, WV014 CD
PAPA M / UNHOME - 2002
1. Mama You Been On My Mind (Papa M)
2. Pine Tree (Unhome)

UK 7" Awkward Silence Recordings, England AWKWARD 10
PAPA M Papa M Sings - 2001
1. Jaded Lover 2. Pissing In The Wind 3. I of Mine
4. Who I Am 5. True Love 6. London Homesick Blues

US EP Galaxia Records GLX10 /
US EPCD Sea-Note Records SN8
PAPA M 1999 Tour Single - 1999 OUT OF PRINT
1. Up North Kids No. 2 2. She Said Yes

US CD Velvetone Music System VMS1
PAPA M 1999 - 1999 OUT OF PRINT
1. Up North Kids No. 2 2. She Said Yes

7" AceTone Records, SOLV010 France
PAPA M Travels in Constants Vol.5 - 1999 OUT OF PRINT
No Song Titles

US CD Temporary Residence Ltd
1. Blue Black Holler (Aerial M)
2. Philadelphia 1999 (Azusa Plane)

7" Split Single, Monster Truck Records, France
1. Safeless 2. Napoleon
3. Vol de Nuit

UK CD Domino, RUG64CDX
AERIAL M October - 1998
1. Vivea 2. Last Caress

US CD Drag City, DC155CD
UK 7" Domino, RUG7
AERIAL M M is... - 1997 OUT OF PRINT
1. Wedding Song No. 3 2. Mountains Have Ears

US CD Drag City, DC144CD
UK 7" Domino, RUG62
1. Vol De Nuit 2. Witch Hazel* 3. Ode to a Key Ring*
*by Monade (Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab)

US 7" All City, Louisville
1. Safeless 2. Napoleon

US 7" Palace Records, PR11
Louisville is for Lovers - 2003
info coming soon

Drag City "Now Who's Crazy?" - 2003
Excellent compilation featuring all of the "shock and awe"
talent currently on Drag City.

US CD Drag City Records
Havanarama "Rock The Blockade" - 2003
Only students and artists are allowed to visit Cuba. In 2000,
Bob Arellano (Havanarama), Will Oldham (Bonny 'Prince' Billy),
and David Pajo (Papa M, Zwan, Tortoise, Slint) took advantage
of this and performed a Cuban tour. This is the proof.

US CD Tiger Eye Records, AB-OC-02
All Tomorrows Parties Festival - 2002
Presented by Sonic Youth 1.1
Compilation features bands that played at the
All Tomorrows Parties festival at UCLA in 2002,
hosted by Sonic Youth. Papa M song is "How Can I Tell You" by Cat Stevens.

The Tigers "Remixes" - 2001
Papa M remixes Australian band, The Tigers. The track is called,
"Beneath My Hands" and features Leonard Cohen samples.

AU CD Sensory Projects, SRP005D
SENSORY "We are now flying @ 10,000 feet" - 2000
Australian magazine "Sadness In The Sky"
included this compilation free in issue number 11.

Australia CD Sensory Projects, CAV009/SRP001
MUCCHIO "Gennaio 2000" - 2000
No information available.

Italy CD Mucchio
Musikexpress "Domino Compilation" - 2000
Another Domino compilation, this time from the German
magazine Musikexpress (April 2000 Issue).

Domino "On The Wire" - 1999
Compilation of various Domino recording artists,
distributed free in the November 1999 issue of The Wire magazine, UK only.

UK CD Domino Records, DOTW001
Ghetto Defendant "LouisvilleSonicImprint vol.1" - 1999
An aural snapshot of the unusual Louisville music scene circa 1999.
Contains an early demo version of "Drunken Spree".

CD/2xLP Ghetto Defendant Records, VOL1
The Carve-Up - 1999
This is a tribute to the now defunct
London alternative radio station, XFM.

UK CD Loose Records, EXFMI
Spunk Records Sample - 1999 OUT OF PRINT
"It's an Illusion For The Kids"
Australian record label, Spunk Records, released this sampler of their artists. Contains an early live version of "Arundel.".

AU CD Spunk Records, SPUNK1
Zum Audio Vol. 2 - 1998
This CD came free with Zum fanzine.
The Aerial M song is entitled "Lay."

US CD ZUM Magazine
Roots III (A Trilogy) - 1998
Heavy Metal compilation ends with Aerial M's version of "Last Caress."

US CD Root-O-Evil Records, ROE-008
Ear of the Dragon - 1995
Asian-American compilation features the first-ever solo release from The David Pajo Band. Pre-dates M by ten months. The track is called "Undiu" and is written by Joao Gilberto.

US CD Fortune 5 Records